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A protein denaturant with low UV-absorptivity.

Pierce Urea

Thermo Scientific Pierce Urea is pure, crystalline urea, a protein denaturant with low UV-absorptivity.

In addition to increasing solubility of hydrophobic molecules, urea is a general protein denaturant, unfolding proteins and altering their three-dimensional structures. Consequently, some proteins will be irreversibly altered upon interaction with urea solutions and may lose their binding function. Before any large-scale use of urea, it is best to test a small sample and determine whether the denaturing effects will adversely affect the intended use of the protein.


  • Any concentration up to 8M urea can be quickly and easily prepared.
  • Free from UV absorbing materials
  • Free from heavy metal contaminants
  • Free from degradation products such as ammonia


  • Solubilizing proteins from inclusion bodies
  • Increasing solubility of hydrophobic peptides and proteins
  • Denaturing proteins

Product Details:

Chaotropes, substances that disrupt the structure of water interactions, help to solubilize hydrophobic proteins and peptides for a variety of biological purposes. For example, hydrophobic peptides and proteins may be dissolved in coupling buffer containing either 6 molar guanidine•HCl or 4 molar urea prior to immobilization on AminoLink Plus Support to create an affinity column. However, because the degradation products of guanidine and urea include ammonia, which contains a primary amine that will compete for reaction to the support, urea and guanidine solutions must be prepared with high quality reagents immediately before use.

Properties of Urea.
Alternative names carbamide, carbonyl diamide
Molecular formula C4N2O
Molecular weight 60.06
CAS number 57-13-6


Urea specifications. Pierce Urea is manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure the integrity of your protein sample. Each lot of urea is tested to meet the following minimum specifications.
Purity > 99.0%
UV analysis (8M solution) A280 < 0.10
Melting point 132-135 °C
Chloride <0.0005%
Heavy Metals <0.001%
Iron (Fe) <0.001%
Cyanate undetectable


  1. Hames, B.D. and Rickwood, D., eds. (1984) Gel Electrophoresis of Proteins: A Practical Approach. Washington D.C. : IRL Press.
  2. Lacks, S.A. , et al. (1979) Anal. Biochem.100, 357-363.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
29700 Urea
Formulation: Pure (at least 99.0%) granular crystals of urea
Sufficient For: Preparing 4.162L of 4M solution
1kg MSDS for product #29700 Urea Certificate of Analysis for product #29700 Urea $37.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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