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Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent and Adsorption Kit

A protein-free immunosorbent for affinity purification of immunoglobulins.

Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent Antibody Purification Resin

Thermo Scientific Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent is a protein-free immunosorbent resin for gentle preferential binding and purification of immunoglobulins from a variety of sources including mouse, rat, rabbit, goat and human.

Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent is 6% beaded agarose that has been modified to contain simple sulfone-thioether groups. The result is an affinity resin that has a high binding capacity and a broad specificity for many species of immunoglobulins when incubated in 0.5M potassium sulfate. In effect, thiophilic adsorption is a resin-based variation of ammonium sulfate precipitation for quick immunoglobulin purification from crude serum samples. Unlike antibody fractionation by ammonium sulfate precipitation, purification with thiophilic adsorbent yields concentrated, essentially salt-free, highly purified immunoglobulins at near-neutral pH. Thus, this simple one-step method eliminates the need for additional treatment of the sample for storage or for subsequent conjugation reactions. The gentle binding and elution conditions ensure a high protein recovery with excellent preservation of antibody activity. The resin is available as both a standalone product and as a purification kit containing pre-packed columns and ready-to-use buffers.


  • High capacity – gently bind and purify approx. 20mg polyclonal antibody per milliliter of adsorbent resin
  • Broad antibody specificity – effective for most immunoglobulin classes and isotypes derived from many different animal species, including chicken IgY
  • Simple and fast – quickly fractionate and purify the immunoglobulin component of serum or ascites samples without subsequent dialysis or desalting steps
  • Gentle – binding condition is nondenaturing and the elution buffer yields concentrated, salt-free immunoglobulin at near neutral pH; provides excellent recovery of functional antibody

Product Details:

Thiophilic adsorption is based on the ability of some proteins, particularly immunoglobulins, to bind to an immobilized ligand that contains a sulfone group in close proximity to a thioether. Salts that interact with water molecules, such as potassium and ammonium sulfate, promote this binding by driving the protein into close proximity with the ligand.

Antibody yields and purity levels using Thermo Scientific Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent.
Species Total A280 Bound % Purity by HPLC
Human 4.8 70
Mouse Serum 8.6 63
Mouse IgG1 11.6 92
Mouse IgG2a 9.3 88
Mouse IgG2b 9.8 97
Mouse IgG3 10.7 94
Rat 13.0 79
Bovine 17.9 90
Calf 11.1 89
Chicken 5.2 76
Dog 12.2 91
Goat 17.3 92
Guinea Pig 11.1 71
Horse 13.0 93
Pig 21.1 90
Rabbit 6.7 84
Sheep 12.3 89


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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
20500 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent
Formulation: Thiophilic adsorbent ligand on 6% beaded agarose, slurried in Tris buffer with sodium azide
Sufficient For: Binding 20mg human IgG/mL resin
10mL Product Instructions for product #20500 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent MSDS for product #20500 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent Certificate of Analysis for product #20500 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorbent $101.00

Now available on lifetechnologies.com
44916 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorption Kit
Formulation: Multi-component kit
Sufficient For: Purifying up to 60mg immunoglobulin per column

Kit Contents:
Thiophilic Adsorbent Columns, 3mL, 4 columns
Binding Buffer, 1L
Elution Buffer, 1L
Column Storage Buffer (2X), 100mL
Guanidine-HCl Crystals, 230g
Column Accessories
4-column kit Product Instructions for product #44916 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorption Kit MSDS for product #44916 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorption Kit Certificate of Analysis for product #44916 Pierce Thiophilic Adsorption Kit $489.00

Now available on lifetechnologies.com

Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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