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Sodium meta-Periodate

Oxidizes sugars into amine-reactive aldehyde groups.

Pierce Sodium meta-Periodate

Thermo Scientific Pierce Sodium meta-Periodate is a gentle oxidizing agent that cleaves cis-diols in carbohydrate sugars to create amine-reactive aldehydes, providing many uses relating to the study and detection of glycoproteins.

Sodium meta-periodate converts cis-glycol groups in carbohydrates to amine-reactive aldehyde groups. Carbohydrate groups in glycoproteins are excellent sites for modification or crosslinking reactions because they allow the conjugation reaction to be directed away from amino acids in the polypeptide chain that could be critical for protein activity. Sodium meta-periodate cleaves bonds between adjacent carbon atoms that contain hydroxyl groups (cis-glycols), creating two aldehyde groups that are spontaneously reactive to amine- and hydrazide-activated labeling, immobilization supports and crosslinking reagents.


  • Convert sugars in sialic acid and other glycosylation groups to reactive aldehydes
  • Immobilize glycoproteins to a hydrazide-activated solid support
  • Conjugate antibodies to glycoprotein enzymes, such as horseradish peroxidase
  • Probe for cell-surface polysaccharides
  • Detect carbohydrate-containing proteins using hydrazide-containing probes

Product Details:

Sodium meta-periodate

Structure and properties of NaI4:

  • Chemical name: sodium meta-periodate
  • Alternative names: periodic acid, sodium salt
  • Chemical formula: NaIO4
  • Molecular weight: 213.89
  • Form: white crystalline solid, free-flowing, free of foreign material

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
20504 Sodium meta-Periodate
Formulation: Sodium meta-periodate; crystalline solid
Sufficient For: 11688mL of typical 1X (10mM) reaction solution
25g Product Instructions for product #20504 Sodium meta-Periodate MSDS for product #20504 Sodium meta-Periodate Certificate of Analysis for product #20504 Sodium meta-Periodate $33.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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