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Protein Stabilizing Cocktail

Preserve the function and activity of enzymes for long-term storage.

Protein Stabilizing Cocktail

The Thermo Scientific Protein Stabilizing Cocktail is a versatile stabilizing solution that increases the shelf-life of purified or partially purified proteins during routine storage.

This proprietary formulation of low-molecular weight, naturally occurring molecules helps protect proteins from environmental stresses that can otherwise lead to enzyme inactivation, aggregation and freeze-thaw damage. The Protein Stabilizing Cocktail is provided as an easily pipettable, buffered 4X concentrate. Solutions of enzymes and other proteins to which the cocktail has been added may be refrigerated or frozen for storage without losing their activity or function. Although the degree of stabilization is protein-specific, the cocktail significantly stabilizes most proteins compared with conventional buffer alone. The Protein Stabilizing Cocktail is nontoxic and does not destabilize biomolecules; however, all cocktail components can be removed by dialysis or desalting before use in downstream assays, if desired.


  • Stabilizes most enzymes and other proteins significantly better than ordinary buffers
  • Protect proteins from environmental stresses
  • Does not destabilize biomolecules in downstream assays
  • Components are low molecular weight and fully dialyzable
  • Low-viscosity reagent is easier to pipette than 50% glycerol
  • Protein classes tested include kinases, phosphatases, peroxidases, restriction enzymes, luciferases, cytokines and antibodies

Product Details:

Performance comparison of protein activity stabilizers.
Performance comparison of protein activity stabilizers. Luciferase activity was assessed upon storage at 50μg/mL at 30°C in Thermo Scientific Protein Stabilizing Cocktail (Pierce) and three other commercially available stabilizer products. Fluorescence was measured at time 0 (dark bars) and after 1, 2, 4 and 6 weeks of storage. Luciferase stored in Protein Stabilizing Cocktail maintained 85% of its original activity after four weeks compared to a Tris-buffered saline formulation (control) and other suppliers' stabilizing agents, which were completely inactive after two weeks.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
89806 Protein Stabilizing Cocktail
Formulation: Proprietary aqueous solution, pH 7.6
Sufficient For: 40mL of storage solution
10mL Product Instructions for product #89806 Protein Stabilizing Cocktail MSDS for product #89806 Protein Stabilizing Cocktail $112.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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