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Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer

Protects enzyme conjugates as liquid stocks for freezer storage.

Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer

Thermo Scientific Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer is an antifreeze solution for storing freezer-aliquots and stocks of antibodies and other HRP-conjugates in liquid form so they can be pipetted for use without thawing.

Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer is a storage solution for peroxidase-conjugated antibodies, streptavidin and other proteins (HRP conjugates). Mixing the Stabilizer in 2:1 or 1:1 ratio with HRP conjugate solutions (usually at least 1mg/mL) produces a stabilized conjugate stock solution that remains a liquid at -20°C. This allows the conjugate to be pipetted directly from the sub-zero temperature condition, eliminating damaging freeze-thaw cycles. The highly purified solution is free of oxidizing agents and other contaminants that can harm enzyme activity, ensuring that stock solutions can be stored for months without significant loss of activity.


  • Provides a buffered anti-freeze environment for enzyme conjugated antibodies and proteins
  • Contains high-purity ethylene glycol, which maintains a liquid, low viscosity solution at -20°C
  • Contains preservatives to prevent anti-microbial growth during long-term storage
  • No aliquoting of conjugate is necessary and sampling is convenient

Product Details:

Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer protects stock solutions of antibody-enzyme conjugates for frozen storage.
Protect enzyme activity for months. Identical samples of an antibody-HRP conjugate were stored at -20°C in Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer and in Tris-buffered saline. Every four weeks, aliquots of each sample were tested for antibody-enzyme activity using a microplate assay and TMB substrate. Antibody conjugate stored in TBS rapidly lost activity upon repeated freeze-thaw cycles, while the conjugate stored in Stabilizer required no freeze-thaw and maintained nearly 100% of the original activity.


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  2. Schryvers, A. and Weiner, J.H. (1981). J. Biol. Chem. 256(19), 9959-9965.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
31503 Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer
Formulation: Solution of highly purified ethylene glycol with proprietary stabilizers
Sufficient For: Mixture with least 12mL of peroxidase conjugate
25mL Product Instructions for product #31503 Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer MSDS for product #31503 Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer Certificate of Analysis for product #31503 Pierce Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer $67.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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