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Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit

Simple, sensitive, and reproducible magnetic chromatin IP kit for manual and high-throughput workflows.

Pierce ChIP-grade Protein A/G Magnetic Beads

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit provides a convenient method for efficient isolation of chromatin-bound DNA by immunoprecipitation (chromatin IP) for subsequent quantitation by PCR.

The Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform 30 chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays with appropriate controls using an optimized protocol. The kit includes reagents for cell lysis, capture of protein-DNA complexes, reversal of crosslinking, and DNA isolation. The blocked Pierce Protein A/G Magnetic Beads provide high binding capacity, low non-specific background, and work with many antibody species. These beads can be used manually with a magnetic stand or with automated platforms, such as the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Instruments. ChIP-validated and quality-guaranteed antibodies are also available for use with the Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit.


  • Rapid – obtain purified DNA that is ready for quantitative PCR in about 8 hours
  • Efficient and reproducible – micrococcal nuclease digestion and nuclear lysis are highly optimized
  • Sensitive – obtain results with as few as 10,000 cells (1 x 10^4)
  • Low background – Pierce Protein A/G Magnetic Beads are blocked in a non-DNA-containing reagent to minimize background
  • Complete – optimized positive control reagents are included: RNA polymerase II antibody and GAPDH promoter PCR primers


Kit contains reagents for chromatin preparation, IP, DNA purification, and positive controls (antibody and primers)


In vivo crosslinker (such as formaldehyde), micro-tip sonicator (such as Misonix™ Sonicator 3000), ChIP qualified antibody of choice, PCR primers for DNA sequence of interest, PCR master mix (containing a dye such as SYBR™ Green, if qPCR is desired), and a qPCR instrument


  • Determine sites of specific protein-DNA interactions on genomic DNA by PCR or ChIP-Seq
  • Monitor the effects of histone modifications or chemical agents on DNA binding

Product Details:

A successful ChIP assay requires a number of critical steps (crosslinking, chromatin preparation, immunoprecipitation) prior to detecting the target genomic DNA. Individually, each step in the ChIP protocol can be time-consuming to optimize. The Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit simplifies the ChIP process, enabling accurate and reproducible results.

Protein-DNA complexes are first crosslinked in vivo with formaldehyde. The kit contains reagents to lyse cells and extract and solubilize the crosslinked complexes. The complexes are then incubated with a specific antibody and isolated using Pierce Protein A/G Magnetic Beads. After reversing crosslinks and digesting protein, the resulting DNA fragments are purified and are then ready for standard or quantitative PCR.

Better chromatin IP results with the Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit provides greater fold enrichment than other kits. LNcaP prostate carcinoma cells were cultured in RPMI-1640 containing 10% FBS for 24 hours. Half of the cultures plated were treated for 16 hours with 5μM camptothecin, a drug that inhibits DNA topoisomerase I. Crosslinking was achieved using a final concentration of 1% formaldehyde in the media for 10 minutes. Using kits from five different suppliers†, ChIP assays were performed according to the manufacturers’ protocols to determine binding of p53 to a 1.5-kb region of the CDKN1A (p21) promoter. Quantitative real-time PCR data was obtained with a Bio-Rad iQ5™ Thermocycler. The Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit has been optimized to isolate even large DNA fragments.

† Products compared:

  • Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit, Part No. 26157
  • Millipore Magna ChIP™ A/G, Part No. 17-10085
  • Life Technologies MAGnify™ Chromatin Immunoprecipitation System, Part No. 49-2024
  • Cell Signaling Technology SimpleChIP™ Plus Enzymatic, Part No. 9005
  • Active Motif ChIP-IT™ Express Enzymatic, Part No. 103295


More Product Data

General References:

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
26157 Magnetic ChIP Kit
Formulation: Multi-component kit
Sufficient For: Sufficient reagents to perform 30 ChIP Reactions

Kit Contents:
4°C Component for Magnetic ChIP Kit (Part No. 26157X):
Glycine Solution (10X), 15mL
PBS (20X), 15mL
Halt Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (100X), 1mL
DTT (7.7mg), lyophilized, 2 vials
Membrane Extraction Buffer, 10mL
MNase Digestion Buffer, 10mL
MNase Stop Solution, 1mL
Sodium Chloride (5M), 6mL
ChIP-Grade Protein A/G Magnetic Beads, 0.65mL
IP Dilution/Wash Buffer (5X), 40mL
IP Elution Buffer (2X), 4.5mL
DNA Clean-Up Columns, 40ea
DNA Column Binding Solution, 30mL
DNA Column Wash Solution, 30mL
pH Indicator, 0.8mL
DNA Column Elution Solution, 5mL
Microcentrifuge tubes, 1.5mL, 75 tubes

-20°C Component for Magnetic ChIP Kit (Part No. 1862739 yellow bag):
Proteinase K Solution, 0.25mL
Micrococcal Nuclease (ChIP Grade), 50µL
Anti-RNA Pol II Antibody, 25µL
Normal Rabbit IgG, 10µL
ChIP Positive Control Primers (GAPDH Promoter), 100µL
30-rxn kit Product Instructions for product #26157 Magnetic ChIP Kit MSDS for product #26157 Magnetic ChIP Kit Certificate of Analysis for product #26157 Magnetic ChIP Kit $524.00

Now available on lifetechnologies.com
26162 ChIP-grade Protein A/G Magnetic Beads
Formulation: Magnetite- and protein-coated polymer beads at 10mg/mL in water with sodium azide.
Sufficient For: Use in approx. 250 typical ChIP assays
5mL MSDS for product #26162 ChIP-grade Protein A/G Magnetic Beads Certificate of Analysis for product #26162 ChIP-grade Protein A/G Magnetic Beads $683.00

Now available on lifetechnologies.com

Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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