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NeutrAvidin Coated Plates - High Sensitivity

Assay plates optimized to capture low concentrations of biotinylated molecules.

Pierce High Sensitivity NeutrAvidin Plates

Thermo Scientific Pierce High Sensitivity NeutrAvidin Protein Coated Plates are biotin-binding microplates that are coated to maximize capture efficiency of biotinylated probes and control background in assays for low levels of target analyte.

These Thermo Scientific Pierce Coated Plates are coated using proprietary surface-activation technology to achieve maximum efficient coating of active streptavidin biotin-binding protein. The high sensitivity plates enable detection of low concentrations (ng/mL) of biotinylated antibodies and other proteins. These plates make it easy to develop a colorimetric ELISA for samples that contain low levels of target.


  • Sensitive – detect down to 5ng/mL of biotinylated IgG
  • Specific – low background with high signal-to-noise ratios
  • Robust – broad dynamic range
  • Ready to use – plates are supplied pre-blocked to save time

Product Details:

Streptavidin is the most popular and widely available biotin-binding protein for research methods. Streptavidin has an isoelectric point of 5 to 6, resulting in low nonspecific interactions. Thermo Scientific NeutrAvidin Protein is a deglycosylated form of avidin, which has a near-neutral pI (6.3), resulting in even lower nonspecific interactions. NeutrAvidin Protein has the additional advantage of lacking the bacterial RYD sequence found on streptavidin, which eliminates off-target binding to the RGD binding domain of adhesion receptors present in a variety of cells.

Comparison of NeutrAvidin Coated Plate types. Detection Ranges were determined using black plates of each product type and Thermo Scientific QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate.
  High Sensitivity
High Binding
Capacity (HBC)
Standard Binding
Capacity (SBC)
Application Detect low concentrations of biotinylated molecules Detect high concentrations of biotinylated molecules General ELISA screening applications
Biotinylated Protein Minimum Size > 26kDa > 8kDa > 8kDa
Detection Range
NeutrAvidin Plates
5 to 125ng/mL
(current page)
15 to 2500ng/mL
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15 to 300ng/mL
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Detection Range
Streptavidin Plates
5 to 300ng/mL
(visit page)
62 to 10,000ng/mL
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31 to 1250ng/mL
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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
15530 NeutrAvidin Coated High Sensitivity Plates, Clear, 8-Well Strip
Formulation: Clear polystyrene 96-well strip plates coated at 200μL/well with NeutrAvidin Protein and blocked at 250μL/well with Blocker BSA Buffer.
Sufficient For: Assaying samples containing an equivalent of 5 to 125ng/mL biotinylated IgG (33 to 833pmol/mL protein)
5 plates Product Instructions for product #15530 NeutrAvidin Coated High Sensitivity Plates, Clear, 8-Well Strip MSDS for product #15530 NeutrAvidin Coated High Sensitivity Plates, Clear, 8-Well Strip Certificate of Analysis for product #15530 NeutrAvidin Coated High Sensitivity Plates, Clear, 8-Well Strip $212.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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