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Immobilized Jacalin

For specific purification of human serum IgA, including separation from IgG.

Jacalin Agarose IgA Purification Resin

Thermo Scientific Pierce Jacalin Agarose provides for specific affinity purification of human IgA from serum or colostrum or efficient removal of contaminating IgA from IgG samples.

Jacalin is an alpha-D-galactose binding lectin extracted from jack-fruit seeds (Artocarpus integrifolia). This lectin is a glycoprotein (approx. 40kDa) composed of four identical subunits. Jacalin binds to human IgA1 (also called serum or secretory IgA) with high specificity (i.e., it does not bind IgG or IgM). Thus, Jacalin that has been immobilized on crosslinked beaded agarose is useful for purifying human IgA from serum or colostrum samples.


  • Immobilized jacalin – specifically binds human IgA1 (does not bind IgG and does not bind human IgA2 or IgA from other species)
  • Binding capacity – resin is loaded with approx. 4.5mg Jacalin/mL resin and effectively binds 1 to 3mg human IgA1/mL resin
  • Agarose resin – support is 6% crosslinked beaded agarose, the most popular and versatile resin for protein affinity purification methods

Product Details:

Binding of IgA to immobilized jacalin occurs at physiologic pH and ionic strength, as in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS). Elution of bound IgA occurs with competitor ligand (e.g., 0.1M melibiose or 0.1 M alpha-D-galactose) in PBS. IgD is reported to bind to jacalin (Aucouturier, et al., 1987).


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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
20395 Immobilized Jacalin
Formulation: Jacalin lectin on crosslinked 6% beaded agarose, slurried in water with sodium azide
Sufficient For: Binding 1 to 3mg human IgA/mL resin
5mL Product Instructions for product #20395 Immobilized Jacalin MSDS for product #20395 Immobilized Jacalin Certificate of Analysis for product #20395 Immobilized Jacalin $221.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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