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Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent

Recover soluble proteins from inclusion bodies and other precipitated samples.

Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent

The Thermo Scientific Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent effectively retrieves recombinant proteins that form insoluble aggregates during bacterial overexpression.

The Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent is a ready-to-use aqueous solution of denaturant that helps to dissolve aggregated proteins (inclusion bodies) that have been separated from the soluble fraction of bacterial cell lysates. The reagent is designed to retrieve expressed protein in soluble form after lysis and extraction with reagents such as Thermo Scientific B-PER Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent. Bacteria are widely used for recombinant protein expression. However, 70%-80% of proteins produced by recombinant techniques in E. coli form inclusion bodies (i.e., protein aggregates). Once these aggregates are formed, it is very difficult to solubilize them. A proprietary denaturant contained in this reagent provides the most effective means for solubilizing aggregated proteins. Additional components, such as a reducing agent and a chelating agent, may be added to the reagent, depending on the particular application.


  • Achieves the essential first step for subsequent insoluble protein refolding procedures
  • One easy- and ready-to-use solution; no preparation needed
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific Pierce Coomassie Plus Protein Assay Kit (Part No. 23236) to determine degree of expression
  • Proprietary denaturant can be easily removed by dialysis so that SDS-PAGE can be performed
  • Can accommodate additional components such as reducing agents or chelating agents

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
78115 Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent
Formulation: Proprietary aqueous solution
Sufficient For: 12g of wet inclusion body pellet
100mL Product Instructions for product #78115 Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent MSDS for product #78115 Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent $176.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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