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In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit

Alkylates, digests and prepares protein samples for mass spectrometry.

Pierce In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit

The Thermo Scientific Pierce In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit contains proteomics-grade trypsin, buffers and reagents to alkylate and digest proteins and then guanidinate the peptide fragments for mass spectrometry.

Accurate identification of proteins and analysis of post-translational modifications by mass spectrometry require accurate and complete protein digestion and peptide modification. The In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination kit provides an optimized procedure and reagents for approximately 90 digests, each containing 0.025 to 10µg of protein.


  • Optimized trypsin digestion – produce complete digests of protein ranging from 0.025 to 10µg
  • Optimized guanidination – reaction produces little to no N-terminal modification
  • Convenient – kit includes reagents for digestion, reduction, alkylation and guanidination.
  • Quick – protein can be digested and guanidinated all in one day

Product Details:

Trypsin specifically cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxyl side of arginine and lysine residues. The signals from the arginine-containing peptides are generally stronger, due to the more basic side chain. To enhance overall ionization, guanidination is necessary to convert lysines to homoarginines. The guanidination reaction is specific for the amine of lysine but may occur minimally at the amine of the peptide's N-terminus. This derivatization leads to an increase in the intensity of the lysine containing peptides and improved sequence coverage overall.

In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit protocol summary.
Procedure summary for the Thermo Scientific In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit.

Guanidination increases sequence coverage. Significantly greater numbers of peptides are identified from a variety of test proteins after guanidination (also called guanidinylation). Peptides identified determined based on scanning from 600 to 2000m/z.
Protein Sequence Coverage
No Guanidination
Sequence Coverage
With Guanidinated
Lysozyme (14kDa) 6/8 peptides
66/88 aa
8/8 peptides
86/86 aa
Myoglobin (17kDa) 6/12 peptides
78/134 aa
8/12 peptides
90/134 aa
BSA (66kDa) 25/44 peptides
318/489 aa
38/44 peptides
344/489 aa

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
89895 In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit
Formulation: Multi-component kit with trypsin
Sufficient For: Approx. 90 digests with up to 10µg of protein each

Kit Contents:
Modified Trypsin, 20μg
Trypsin Storage Solution, 50μL
Ammonium Bicarbonate, 50μg
DTT microtube, 7.7mg
Iodoacetamide (IAA), 500mg
O-Methylisourea Hemisulfate Salt (OMI), 400mg
Ammonium Hydroxide (30%), 1mL
90-rxn kit Product Instructions for product #89895 In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit MSDS for product #89895 In-Solution Tryptic Digestion and Guanidination Kit $309.00

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