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GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst

Optimized buffer for aldehyde-hydrazide and aldehyde-alkoxyamine coupling reactions.

GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst

The Thermo Scientific GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst decreases reaction times and increases aldehyde-hydrazide coupling efficiency, resulting in greater than 90% coupling of glycoproteins in 4 hours.

The GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst is a two component kit composed of aniline and sodium acetate buffer. The catalyst accelerates the coupling rate of hydrazide and alkoxyamine moieties with reactive aldehydes that have been generated by periodate-oxidation of cis-diols in glycoproteins. The GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst increases the coupling efficiency of these reactions, decreasing the molar excess amounts of labeling reagents that are required for conjugation reactions. The catalyst is also useful for increasing the binding efficiency of oxidized glycoproteins or other carbohydrate-containing molecules to hydrazide resins.


  • Optimized – catalyzes aldehyde-hydrazide and aldehyde-alkoxyamine conjugation reaction
  • Efficient – maximizes coupling efficiency and decreases required coupling reaction incubation time
  • Gentle – does not interfere with protein function and is easily removed by desalting or dialysis


  • Labeling aldehyde-containing molecules with alkoxyamine-biotins
  • Labeling aldehyde-containing molecules with hydrazide-biotins
  • Increase coupling efficiency of aldehyde-containing molecules to hydrazide resin

Product Details:

Producing reactive aldehydes via sodium meta-periodate oxidation of cis-diols in glycoproteins is a useful technique for variety of protein labeling and detection methods. The GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst (aniline) increases the efficiency of these reactions by acting as a nucleophilic catalyst that accelerates bond formation through a Schiff base intermediate. The catalyst also reduces the amount (molar excess) of hydrazide or alkoxyamine required in labeling reactions, thereby eliminating the need for DMSO to solubilize high concentrations of labeling reagent.

Glycoprotein coupling to immobilized hydrazide resin is increased using the GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst The Thermo Scientific GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst increases binding efficiency of glycoproteins to hydrazide resin. Human IgG was oxidized with 10mM sodium meta-periodate for 30 minutes. The oxidized IgG (10mg) was diluted to 5mg/mL either with GlycoLink Coupling Buffer alone or with GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst and coupled to 1mL of hydrazide resin. Results are the average of three separate conjugations for each condition after incubating for 4 hours.

More Product Data

General References:

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
88944 GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst
Formulation: Two-component kit with catalyst and equilibration buffer
Sufficient For: 22mL of typical 1X reaction solution

Kit Contents:
GlycoLink Coupling Buffer, 100mL
Aniline, 0.2mL
100mL-kit Product Instructions for product #88944 GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst MSDS for product #88944 GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst Certificate of Analysis for product #88944 GlycoLink Coupling Catalyst $56.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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