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EZ-Link PFP-Biotin

Pentafluorophenyl-ester biotinylation reagent for labeling primary and secondary amines.

EZ-Link PFP-biotin

Thermo Scientific EZ-Link PFP-biotin is a pentafluorophenyl-ester biotinylation reagent that has similar properties to NHS-biotin but is more reactive and will target both primary and secondary amines for biotinylation.

PFP-Biotin is an amine-reactive biotinylation reagent based on activation as as a pentafluorophenyl ester (PFP ester) rather than the usual N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester. The compound has properties similar to those of NHS-Biotin (Part No. 20217) but exhibits greater reactivity toward amino groups. Unlike NHS-Biotin, PFP-Biotin will react with both secondary amines and primary amines, enabling it to be used to label nucleic acids as well as proteins. The reaction occurs spontaneously at pH 7 to 9.


  • Molecular labeling – biotinylate proteins and nucleic acids for avidin-biotin methods
  • Membrane-permeable – can be used to label inside cells (intracellular)
  • Amine-reactive – reacts with primary and secondary amines of proteins and other molecules (unlike typical NHS reagents, which react with primary amines only)
  • Irreversible – forms permanent amide bonds; spacer arm cannot be cleaved
  • Solubility – must be dissolved in DMSO or DMF before further dilution in aqueous buffers
  • Very short – spacer arm (total length added to target) is 9.6 angstroms; it consists of the native biotin valeric acid group only

Product Details:

Chemical structure of PFP-Biotin, pentafluorophenyl ester Chemical structure of PFP-Biotin (biotin pentafluorophenyl ester). This biotinylation reagent labels proteins, nucleic acids and other molecules that contain primary amines or secondary amines. For more information, see our review of Amine-reactive Crosslinker Chemistry.

Properties of PFP-Biotin.
Alternative names Biotin PFP ester
Molecular formula C16H15F5N2O3S
SMILES structure FC1=C(F)C(F)=C(F)C(OC(CCCCC(SC2)C3C2NC(N3)=O)=O)=C1F
Molecular weight 410.36
Spacer arm length 9.6 angstroms
CAS number 120550-35-8
Form White to off-white solid
Solubility 25mg/mL in DMF
Storage conditions 4°C with desiccant, protect from moisture, use only fresh solutions
Reactive groups Pentafluorophenyl ester, reacts with primary amines at pH 7.0-9.0

We manufacture biotin reagents to ensure the highest possible overall product integrity, consistency and performance for the intended research applications.


  1. Muroi, M., et al. (2002). J. Biol. Chem. 277, 42372-42379.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
21218 EZ-Link PFP-Biotin
Formulation: Pentafluorophenyl ester of biotin
Sufficient For: Approx. 25 uses to label a total of 812mg of IgG using typical conditions
50mg Product Instructions for product #21218 EZ-Link PFP-Biotin MSDS for product #21218 EZ-Link PFP-Biotin Certificate of Analysis for product #21218 EZ-Link PFP-Biotin $167.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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