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EMCA Reagent

Adds maleimide groups to biomolecules

Pierce EMCA

Thermo Scientific Pierce EMCA is a carboxylic acid compound with a terminal maleimide group that can modify proteins and other molecules by EDC-mediated and sulfhydryl-targeted conjugation.

EMCA (N-epsilon-maleimidocaproic acid) is a heterobifunctional crosslinker that reacts with sulfhydryl groups to present a terminal carboxyl group. Additionally, the carboxyl can be coupled to amine-containing molecules using the water-soluble carbodiimide EDC. The EDC reaction results in an intermediate ester, which can react with primary amines to form amide bonds. Thus, amine-containing molecules can be modified to contain sulfhydryl-reactive maleimides.


  • Convert sulfhydryl groups to carboxyl groups for conjugation to amines via carbodiimide (EDC)
  • Prepare maleimide-activated proteins using EDC to modify primary amines
  • Maleimides react with –SH groups at pH 6.5-7.5, forming stable thioether linkages

Product Details:

N-epsilon-Maleimidocaproic acid; EMCA

Structure and properties of EMCA:

  • Functional groups: maleimide (sulfhydryl-reactive) and carboxyl
  • Chemical name: N-epsilon-maleimidocaproic acid
  • Synonym: 6-maleimidohexanoic acid
  • Chemical formula: C10H13NO4
  • Molecular weight: 211.21
  • Form: white to off-white solid, free of foreign material


  1. Griffith, D.G., et al. (1981). N-Polymethylene-carboxy-maleimides. A new class of probes for membrane sulfhydryl groups. FEBS Lett 134:261-3

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
22306 EMCA
Formulation: N-epsilon-Maleimidocaproic acid; solid
Sufficient For: 4735mL of typical 1X (1mM) reaction solution, or approx. 500 uses at 2mg reagent per use
1g Product Instructions for product #22306 EMCA MSDS for product #22306 EMCA Certificate of Analysis for product #22306 EMCA $172.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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