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ELISA Wash Buffer

A wash buffer optimized for use with Thermo Scientific Pierce ELISA Kits.

ELISA Wash Buffer

ELISA Wash Buffer is a Tris-based wash buffer for use in cytokine and other sandwich ELISA procedures. The buffer is the same formulation that is supplied with most Thermo Scientific Pierce ELISA Kits for cytokines and chemokines. The 30X concentrated stock solution is easily diluted 1:30 (vol:vol) in ultrapure water to yield sufficient wash buffer for a typical 96-well microplate ELISA protocol. Supplement an existing ELISA Kit or use as a convenient general purpose wash buffer for customized ELISA methods.



  • Product Number: N503
  • Size: 50mL (makes 1.5L of 1X buffer)
  • Storage: Shipped at on ice packs. Store at -20°C immediately upon receipt.
  • Application: Use as a wash buffer when performing ELISAs. This wash buffer is used in most, but not all, Thermo Scientific Pierce ELISA Kits. Please contact us for kit-specific information
  • Preparation: Thaw at room temperature (22-25°C). In a clean glass or plastic container, dilute the ELISA Wash Buffer concentrate 1:30 (vol:vol) with distilled or deionized water. Mix thoroughly. Equilibrate 1X wash buffer to room temperature before use in an assay. Prepare new 1X wash buffer for each day of use.
  • Automated Plate Washers: Storing the wash buffer in an automated system can result in contamination and poor ELISA performance. Automated plate washers must be cleaned regularly.

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N503 ELISA Wash Buffer (30X) 50mL MSDS for product #N503 ELISA Wash Buffer (30X) $77.00

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