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ELISA Blocker Blocking Buffer

A blocking buffer optimized for use with sandwich ELISA procedures.

ELISA Blocker Blocking Buffer

ELISA Blocker Blocking Buffer is a protein buffer that effectively blocks plate binding sites that remain in polystyrene microplate wells following initial coating steps in ELISA procedures. The ready-to-use buffer is optimized and routinely used for sandwich ELISA procedures involving cytokines, such as many of the Thermo Scientific Pierce ELISA Kits.



  • Product Number: N502
  • Size: 1L (sufficient for thirty 96-well plates)
  • Storage: Shipped on cold packs. Store at 2-8°C immediately upon receipt.
  • Application: Use as a blocking buffer in ELISA. The buffer is ready to use. No dilution is required.
  • Instructions for use in an ELISA: Following the incubation with a coating antibody, aspirate the coating antibody from the plate and add 300µL of ELISA Blocker Blocking Buffer to each well. Cover the plate with a plate sealer and incubate for a minimum of 1 hour at room temperature (22-25°C). Aspirate blocking buffer and proceed with the ELISA procedure or dry the plate for future use.
  • Plate Drying: Plates should be dried uncovered, at room temperature, for a minimum of 1 hour. For optimal drying, plates should not be stacked and humidity should be at 30-40%. If plates are stacked, or humidity is high, the drying time should be increased. Once drying is complete, seal each plate in a foil pouch with a desiccant. When sealed with a desiccant, plates may be stored at 2-8°C for up to 6 months.

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N502 ELISA Blocker Blocking Buffer 1L MSDS for product #N502 ELISA Blocker Blocking Buffer $214.00

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