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DyLight 633 Sulfhydryl-Reactive Dye

Label cysteines with a bright alternative to Alexa Fluorâ„¢ 633 fluorescent dyes.

DyLight 633 Sulfhydryl-Reactive Dye

Thermo Scientific DyLight 633 Sulfhydryl-Reactive Dye is a maleimide-activated derivative of high-performance DyLight 633 used to fluorescently label sulfhydryl-containing peptides, proteins and other biomolecular probes.

DyLight 633 fluoresces red and has physical properties comparable to other 633 dyes, including Alexa Fluor™ 633, over a broad pH range (pH 4-9). The high water solubility of DyLight Fluors means that a high dye-to-protein ratio can be attained without causing precipitation of the conjugates.


  • High performance – DyLight 633 shows brighter fluorescence than Alexa Fluor 633
  • Specific – maleimide-activated dye labels proteins and other molecules at reduced sulfhydryls (-SH)
  • Efficient labeling methods – well-characterized chemistry and optimized protocols provide for reliable, high-quality labeling
  • Optimized antibody labeling procedure –complete protocol for IgG reduction and labeling and calculating the labeling efficiency


  • Antibody labeling for immunofluorescence applications, including immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western blotting and ELISA assay
  • Target macromolecule labeling for in vitro and in vivo fluorescent detection strategies

Product Details:

Fluorescent detection of cytokeratin and lamin A in A549 cells with DyLight 633 and 405, respectively
Immunofluorescence microscopy using DyLight 633 dye. Cytokeratin 18 (red) and lamin A (blue) in A549 cells were fluorescently labeled using specific primary antibodies and DyLight 633-Conjugated Highly-Cross Adsorbed Anti-Rabbit and DyLight 405-Conjugated Anti-Mouse Secondary Antibodies, respectively.

DyLight 633 Sulfhydryl-Reactive Dye is activated with a maleic acid imide (maleimide) moiety to form a reactive alkylation reagent. Labeling occurs through reaction of the maleimide-activated dye with reduced sulfhydryl groups (-SH) to form stable thioether bonds. Maleimides are specific for sulfhydryl groups between pH 6.5-7.5. Learn more about maleimide chemistry.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
46613 DyLight 633 Maleimide
Formulation: Maleimide activated proprietary red fluorescent dye
Sufficient For: 1 use to label a total of 7mg of IgG using typical conditions
1mg Product Instructions for product #46613 DyLight 633 Maleimide MSDS for product #46613 DyLight 633 Maleimide Certificate of Analysis for product #46613 DyLight 633 Maleimide $262.00

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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