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Pierce Classic IP Kit

Perform immunoprecipitation experiments with ease.

Pierce Classic IP Kit

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Classic IP Kit uses high-quality Protein A/G agarose beads, microcentrifuge spin columns and buffers to perform traditional immunoprecipitation assays with ease.

The kit uses high-capacity Protein A/G agarose affinity resin for efficient binding of most species and subclasses of IP antibodies. The included IgG elution buffer provides milder and less denaturing recovery of antibody:antigen complexes than the traditional method of boiling in reducing sample buffer for SDS-PAGE, facilitating a greater variety of methods for subsequent analysis. The microcentrifuge spin column format helps to ensure effective washing and separation of samples from the beaded agarose affinity resin.


  • Assay consistency – spin columns (see dimensions) eliminate resin loss and provide for more efficient separation of solutions than traditional IP methods that use only microcentrifuge tubes
  • Fast – immunoprecipitate (IP) in less than one hour
  • Mild elution conditions – recover antigen without harsh detergents or reducing agents
  • Easy-to-follow instructions – purify target protein from crude lysate in four simple steps
  • Suitable for most common antibody types – Protein A/G provides excellent binding for most mouse, rabbit, human and goat IgG subclasses
  • Complete kit – includes lysis/wash buffer, binding and elution buffers, control agarose resin, sample loading buffer and spin columns


  • Routine, traditional immunoprecipitation experiments
  • Immunoprecipitation for analysis in nonreducing conditions

Product Details:

Like traditional IP methods, the Pierce Classic IP Kit procedure involves formation of antibody:antigen complexes in a sample solution and then capture of that complex to an IgG-binding protein that is covalently bound to beaded agarose resin (Protein A/G Agarose). After washing to remove nonbound (presumably undesired) components of the sample, the antigen and antibody are recovered from the beaded resin with elution buffer supplied in the kit. The entire procedure is performed in a microcentrifuge spin column, allowing solutions to be fully separated from the agarose resin upon brief centrifugation.

Thermo Scientific Pierce Classic IP Kit uses high-capacity Protein A/G Agarose for immunoprecipitation

Protocol scheme of the Pierce Classic IP Kit. The kit uses high-capacity Protein A/G Agarose to capture and purify target antigen through its specific antibody.


  1. Petersen, H.H., et al. (2003). J. Cell Sci. 116, 453-461.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
26146 Pierce Classic IP Kit
Formulation: Multi-component kit
Sufficient For: At least 50 IP reactions with 10┬ÁL resin

Kit Contents:
Protein A/G Plus Agarose, 0.55mL
IP Lysis/Wash Buffer, 2 x 50mL
Conditioning Buffer (100X), 5mL
Tris-buffered Saline (20X), 25mL
Elution Buffer, 50mL
Lane Marker Sample Buffer (5X), 5mL
Control Agarose Resin, 2mL
Spin Columns and Collection Tubes
50-rxn kit Product Instructions for product #26146 Pierce Classic IP Kit MSDS for product #26146 Pierce Classic IP Kit Certificate of Analysis for product #26146 Pierce Classic IP Kit $284.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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