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Pierce Chromatography Cartridges

Affinity and desalting resins in cartridges for liquid chromatography (LC).

Pierce Chromatography Cartridges

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Chromatography Cartridges are convenient, reliable, ready-to-use, pre-packed 1mL and 5mL columns of sample-prep and affinity-purification resins for manual or automated liquid chromatography (LC).

The cartridge-fittings are compatible with the popular automated liquid-chromatography systems or for manual syringe processing. The cartridges attach directly to ÄKTA™ or FPLC Systems without additional connectors. Cartridges can be used individually or connected in a series to obtain even higher column capacity. Each product supplied in the Pierce Chromatography Cartridge format includes an accessory pack that readily adapts cartridges for use with Luer-Lok™ Syringe Fittings or tubing. The cartridges provide fast, easy and reproducible chromatographic separations and can be regenerated for multiple uses.


  • Two sizes – 1mL and 5mL, convenient for typical research scales
  • Compatible – fittings allow connection with popular LC systems or a standard syringe
  • Versatile – use singly or connected in series to service different capacity requirements
  • Validated – available cartridges have been tested to ensure performance in the format
  • Reusable – accessory pack includes caps for convenient storage between uses
  • Economical – comparable performance at lower cost than other commercially available cartridges

Product Details:

Pierce Chromatography Cartridge properties. Recommended and maximum flow rates are general; values differ slightly for individual products.
Feature 1mL Cartridge 5mL Cartridge
Dimensions 0.7 x 2.7cm 1.3 x 3.8cm
Desalting Flow Rate
0.2 to 1mL/minute
1 to 5mL/minute
Affinity Flow Rate
0.1 to 1mL/minute
0.5 to 2mL/minute
Maximum Pressure 0.3 mPa (43 psi or 3 bar) 0.3 mPa (43 psi or 3 bar)
Cartridge Material polypropylene polypropylene
Frit Material polyethylene polyethylene


More Product Data

Available Pierce Chromatography Cartridge Products:

Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
89971 Pierce Chromatography Cartridge Accessory Pack
Formulation: Black plastic fittings
Sufficient For: Attaching and replacing fittings for products supplied in Pierce Chromatography Cartridges

Kit Contents:
Bottom plug, 1
Cap, 1
Luer-Lok Adapter, 1
Tube Fitting, 1
1 pack $24.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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