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BupH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer Packs

Dissolve to make alkaline buffer for ELISA plate-coating procedures.

BupH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer Packs

Thermo Scientific BupH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer Packs are pouches of dry-blended powder that are each sufficient to make 500mL of alkaline (pH 9.4) Na-carbonate (carb-bicarb) buffer for use in protein and antibody coating procedures.

BupH Dry-Blend Packs of carbonate-bicarbonate buffer are easy to use. Simply empty contents of one foil envelope pack into a beaker, add ultrapure water and stir to dissolve. The packs eliminate weighing time and tedious pH adjustments. When dissolved in 500mL of water, each pack makes 0.2M carbonate-bicarbonate, pH 9.4.


  • Carb-bicarb buffer – dissolved in 500mL of water, each pack makes 0.2M carbonate-bicarbonate, pH 9.4
  • Convenient – dissolve contents of one envelope in water and the buffer is ready to use
  • Save time and trouble – no weighing, no pH adjustment, no need to stock individual components, and no need to make and store large volumes of stock solution in advance of daily needs
  • Long shelf life – stocking and storage as dry packs eliminates concerns about long-term stability of stock solutions
  • Eliminate variables – our quality control ensures that every pack will yield the same, consistent buffer


  • Coating or binding capture-antibodies and other proteins onto polystyrene microplates for ELISA and other plate assays

Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
28382 BupH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer Packs
Formulation: Dissolved equals 0.2M carbonate-bicarbonate, pH 9.4
Sufficient For: Preparing 500mL of 1X buffer with each pack (20L total)
40 packs MSDS for product #28382 BupH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer Packs Certificate of Analysis for product #28382 BupH Carbonate-Bicarbonate Buffer Packs $141.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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