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Pierce C18 Spin Tips

Easy-to-use C18 spin tips for fast and efficient clean-up of peptides for mass spectrometry analysis.

Pierce C18 Spin Tips

The Thermo Scientific Pierce C18 Spin Tips enable fast and efficient capture, concentration, desalting and elution of up to 10μg peptides per 20μL sample for mass spectrometry (MS) analysis.

Pierce C18 Spin Tips are 20μL-capacity pipette tips with accompanying adaptors for microcentrifuge sample processing. The tips contain a C18 reversed-phase sorbent that minimizes flow resistance and provides excellent binding and recovery characteristics at a wide range of peptide concentrations upstream of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) or nanoelectrospray ionization techniques. Sample clean-up with C18 resin significantly improves protein analysis results by removing urea, salts and other contaminants before mass spectrometry (MS). Each Pierce C18 Spin Tip has a 20µL volume capacity with a 10µg peptide-binding capacity.


  • Rapid – C18 fast-flow tips have low resistance and improved flow characteristics compared to other commercially available tips
  • High capacity – up to 10μg peptide per 20μL solution
  • Convenient – spin tips come with tip adaptors for easy centrifugation
  • Cleaner sample – device design filters out particulates that can cause autosampler and column clogging
Video of Pierce C18 Spin Tips in action!


  • Clean up of peptides after protein digestion
  • Peptide sample concentration and desalting
  • Sample preparation for MALDI peptide analysis
  • Sample processing in proteomics workflows

Product Details:

Pierce C18 Spin Tips offer excellent flow properties with a high-efficiency C18 sorbent for fast wetting, loading, washing and eluting. Sample is simply loaded in prepared tip and washed and eluted using multiple centrifugation steps. The procedure is simple and requires less than 5 minutes to process protein digests, strong cation exchange fractions and other protein and peptide samples for mass spectrometric (MS) analyses. The unique tip design also removes any particulates in the sample, eliminating clogging of the auto sampler or column upstream of the mass spectrometer.

Pierce C18 Spin Tips outperform other popular C18 pipette tips
Thermo Scientific Pierce C18 Spin Tips outperform other popular C18 tips. BSA tryptic digests were analyzed on a Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD mass spectrometer after processing 10μg aliquots of the same digest with Pierce C18 Spin Tips or ZipTip™ Pipette Tips (10µL tips with 0.6µL C18 resin; EMD Millipore). Base peak chromatograms of the peptide elution were extracted from the data sets to evaluate sample complexity and chromatographic resolution. MS results were analyzed with Sequest using the Swissprot database to determine protein sequence coverage.

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
84850 C18 Spin Tips
Formulation: C18 resin in prepacked centrifuge tips plus adaptors
Sufficient For: Processing up to 10μg peptide per tip
96 tips Product Instructions for product #84850 C18 Spin Tips MSDS for product #84850 C18 Spin Tips Certificate of Analysis for product #84850 C18 Spin Tips $215.00

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Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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