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BM(PEG)n Crosslinkers

For irreversible sulfhydryl conjugation via a 2- or 3-unit pegylated spacer arm

Pierce BM(PEG)2 and BM(PEG)3

Thermo Scientific Pierce BM(PEG)2 and BM(PEG)3 are bismaleimide-activated PEG compounds for crosslinking between sulfhydryl (–SH) groups in proteins and other thiol molecules.

The maleimide groups at either end of the PEG2 or PEG3 spacer react specifically and efficiently with reduced sulfhydryls at pH 6.5-7.5 to form stable thioether bonds.


  • Reactive groups: maleimide (both ends)
  • Reactive towards: sulfhydryl groups
  • Long, pegylated, sulfhydryl-to-sulfhydryl crosslinkers, composed of maleimide groups and 2- or 3-unit polyethylene glycol spacer arm
  • PEG spacers provide unique advantages, including enhanced solubility, increased stability, reduced tendency toward aggregation and reduced immunogenicity
  • Pure compounds with defined structure and molecular weight, ensuring reproducible protein-modification effects
  • Ideal for small molecule or peptide conjugations

Product Details:

Chemical structures of BM(PEG)2 and BM(PEG)3 crosslinking reagents. Thermo Scientific Pierce BM(PEG)2 is a pegylated crosslinker having the form maleimide-PEG-maleimide for conjugation between sulfhydryl groups (e.g., cysteines) via a two-unit polyethylene glycol (PEG) spacer arm (14.7 angstroms). Thermo Scientific Pierce BM(PEG)3 has a three-unit polyethylene glycol (PEG) spacer arm (17.8 angstroms).

Alternative Names for BM(PEG)n:

  • Bismaleimide-dPEG
  • Mal-PEG-Mal
  • BM(PEO)2
  • BM-PEO3

Product References:

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
22336 BM(PEG)2
Formulation: 1,8-Bismaleimido-diethyleneglycol; solid
Sufficient For: 811mL of typical 1X (0.2mM) reaction solution, or approx. 25 uses at 2mg reagent per use
50mg Product Instructions for product #22336 BM(PEG)2 MSDS for product #22336 BM(PEG)2 Certificate of Analysis for product #22336 BM(PEG)2 $68.00

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22337 BM(PEG)3
Formulation: 1,11-Bismaleimido-triethyleneglycol; solid
Sufficient For: 710mL of typical 1X (0.2mM) reaction solution, or approx. 25 uses at 2mg reagent per use
50mg Product Instructions for product #22337 BM(PEG)3 MSDS for product #22337 BM(PEG)3 Certificate of Analysis for product #22337 BM(PEG)3 $111.00

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