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Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit

Quickly and effectively remove BSA or gelatin proteins from antibody stock solutions.

Antibody Clean-Up Kit is for removing BSA

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Antibody Clean-Up Kit is for removing BSA, gelatin and other stabilizer proteins from antibody stock solutions before amine-based chemical labeling and conjugation procedures.

This is a complete and easy-to-use kit for removing BSA and gelatin stabilizing proteins (up to 1%) from IgG samples. The protocol uses Thermo Scientific Melon Gel to bind these frequently used storage proteins, allowing the antibody to flow through in a purified form. The antibody is recovered in an amine-free and carboxyl-free buffer, ready for use in downstream applications such as biotinylation, fluorescent labeling, crosslinking, immobilization and enzymatic fragmentation (e.g., Fab preparation).


  • Fast – removes carrier protein from antibody solutions in half the time required for purifying antibodies through Protein A or G purification procedures
  • Gentle no need to neutralize or desalt to mitigate the effects of harsh elution buffers
  • Complete – supplied desalting columns provide for easy buffer exchange into the required purification buffer or quick exchange into final buffer of choice
  • Economical – sufficient reagents to perform 10 antibody clean-up reactions

Product Details:

Bovine serum albumin (BSA) and gelatin are often added to purified antibody solutions as stabilizers for long-term storage. Inclusion of 0.2 to 1% (2 to 10mg/mL) BSA or gelatin helps stabilize dilute antibody solutions. Generally these added proteins do not interfere with immunodetection methods; however, their presence in solution does interfere with amine-reactive conjugation chemistries that are the basis for most biotinylation, fluorescent dye labeling, antibody fragmentation and covalent immobilization methods. For such methods, the antibody must be isolated from the stabilizing proteins, and the Antibody Clean-up Kit accomplishes this efficiently.

Efficient removal of bovine serum albumin (BSA) from mouse IgG samples. Mouse IgG1 (0.25mg/mL) samples were processed using The Thermo Scientific Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit. Samples (10µL each) were subjected to SDS-PAGE and stained with Imperial Protein Stain.

Lane 1: MW marker
Lane 2: Pure IgG without BSA
Lanes 3-5: IgG samples containing 0.75%, 0.5% and 0.25% BSA, respectively
Lanes 6-8: Same IgG samples as lanes 3-5 after performing the kit procedure
BSA removal with Thermo Scientific Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit # 44600

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Ordering Information
Product # Description Pkg. Size Instructions MSDS CofA Price
44600 Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit
Temporarily Unavailable

Formulation: Multi-component kit
Sufficient For: Purifying 10 x 0.5mL IgG samples

Kit Contents:
Melon Gel IgG Purification Support, 1.2mL
Melon Gel Purification Buffer, 100mL
Zeba Spin Desalting Columns, 7K MWCO, 2mL, 10 columns
Spin Columns, 0.8mL, 10 columns
Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2mL, 30 tubes
10-rxn kit Product Instructions for product #44600 Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit MSDS for product #44600 Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit Certificate of Analysis for product #44600 Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit Not available

Instructions | MSDS | CofA
Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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