Superflow Affinity Agarose Resins


Three new Thermo Scientific Superflow Affinity Resins are available for fusion protein purification. The base resin is highly crosslinked 6% agarose and will not compress under conditions used for medium- or large-scale FPLC purification.

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GlycoLink Immobilization Kits and Resin

Carbohydrate Immobilization Resins and Kits

The Thermo Scientific GlycoLink IP Kit provides components for effective immunoprecipitation (IP and co-IP) based on small-scale, covalent, affinity-resin immobilization of antibodies and other glycoproteins via oxidized sugar groups.

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Protein Methods for Protein-Protein Interactions

Protein Interactions

The Protein Methods Library has been updated to include a complete set of articles on considerations and methods for performing protein-protein interaction analysis