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Improved immobilization and conjugation of glycoproteins

Aldehyde-hydrazide chemistry has been used for over 30 years for coupling oxidized glycoproteins to activated agarose supports. This chemistry is pH- and time-sensitive, and can result in low yields even after 48 hours of incubation. We have optimized the buffer conditions and added a catalyst to reduce the reaction time while maximizing coupling.

The Thermo

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Serine hydrolase active-site probes

The Thermo Scientific ActivX Serine Hydrolase Probes consist of a tag linked to a fluorophosphonate (FP) group, which specifically and covalently labels serines of enzymatically active serine hydrolases (Figure 1).1-3 In addition to activity assessment, FP probes can be used to screen small-molecule inhibitors against enzymes derived from cell lysates, subcellular fractions, tissues and recombinant

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GTPase enrichment using a new active-site probe

The Thermo Scientific Pierce GTPase Enrichment Kit with ActivX* GTP Probe enables selective labeling and enrichment of small GTPases and large G-protein subunits. The Thermo Scientific ActivX Desthiobiotin-GTP Probe† structure consists of a modified biotin attached to the nucleotide by a labile acyl-phosphate bond (Figure 1A). After removal of GTP or GDP nucleotides from enzymes,

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Previews Volume 13, Issue 3

This 2009 issue of the Previews newsletter features articles about new kits and products for dialysis, protein concentration, desalting, peptide clean-up for mass spectrometry, detergent removal, glycoprotein labeling and detection, fluorescent labeling, and in-cell ELISA.

Previews was a print magazine that highlighted new Pierce Protein Research products and applications. Articles included information relating to product

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