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Monitoring neuronal differentiation using multiplexed luciferase reporters

Cellular differentiation studies require sensitive tools to detect subtle phenotypic changes in cellular signaling pathways and morphology. In the present study, we used luciferase assays and high-content immunofluorescence cellular imaging to monitor phenotypic changes in neuronal precursor cell lines following retinoic acid-induced differentiation.

Retinoic Acid (RA), the biologically active form of Vitamin A, is widely

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Enhanced immunostaining

Boost the performance of your antibody with Thermo Scientific Pierce Immunostain Enhancer. The enhancer enables significant antibody dilution (5- to 20-fold beyond vendor recommendations) without adding additional time to the immunostaining procedure. The ready-to-use enhancer does not add steps to your protocol because it is used to dilute the primary and secondary antibodies.

The Pierce

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Active GTPases in neuronal cells

The differentiation of neuronal cells requires signaling pathways that are responsive to the extracellular matrix as well as extensive remodeling of the cytoskeleton. GTPases are critical for these processes. The Ras GTPase family acts as membrane-associated signal transducers; the Rho GTPase family regulates actin and microtubule dynamics. The cellular location of the GTPases and their

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Previews Volume 13, Issue 2

This 2009 issue of the Previews newsletter features articles about new kits and products for fast Western blotting, in-cell ELISA, fluorescent antibody detection, biotin methods, and immunoprecipitation.

Previews was a print magazine that highlighted new Pierce Protein Research products and applications. Articles included information relating to product detection, purification, modification, analysis and more. Previews has

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