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Transfer EMSA gels using the Pierce G2 Fast Blotter

The Pierce G2 Fast Blotter (Part No. 62288) is a device designed primarily for semi-dry transfer of protein gels for Western blotting. We were interested to know if the same device would work effectively to transfer DNA-based polyacrylamide gels for performing membrane-based chemiluminescent electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA). We compared the Pierce G2 Fast Blotter

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Improved Western blot detection using CCD digital imaging

Chemiluminescent Western blotting is a popular protein detection method for studying proteins. The typical protocol for measuring chemiluminescent signal exposes the Western blot to laboratory-grade X-ray film, but digital imaging using a cooled-CCD camera is proving to be a more functional choice for researchers. The Thermo Scientific myECL Imager offers digital imaging with a number

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