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Product Selection Guides

Menu of selectors and overviews of specific product families.

Selection guides are informational pages that describe the shared and differentiating features of several related Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Biology Products.

These product selection guides range in complexity. Some are very short summaries of a common kit structure and underlying protocol that is shared by a small number of similar products. Other selection guides are interactive tables containing sortable or filterable criteria to help select a particular product from among many related alternatives. Still others are descriptions of entire workflows, sometimes styled as infographics.

Use the following dynamic table to find a Selection Guide of interest or link to the parent product category page.

Selection Guide
Product Category
14977ELISA enzyme substrates selection guideSubstrates for ELISA DetectionELISA
13931Crosslinker interactive selection guideCrosslinking Reagentscrosslink, conjugation
10622Crosslinkers at a glance - selection guideCrosslinking Reagentscrosslink, conjugation
10040Biotinylation reagent interactive selection guideBiotin Labeling Reagents for Proteinslabeling, probe, antibody, affinity purification
9398Western blot chemiluminescent substrate selection guideWestern Blotting SubstratesWestern blot, detection, ECL
8699Crosslinker application guideCrosslinking Reagentscrosslink, conjugation
8350Protein MW markers comparison and selection guideProtein Molecular Weight Markerselectrophoresis, staining, SDS-PAGE
8074Dialysis products selection guideDialysis Tubing, Cassettes and Devicessample prep, dialysis, desalting, buffer exchange
7406DyLight Fluor technology and product guideFluorescent Labeling Reagents for Proteinslabeling, fluorescent probe, antibody
6555Protein assay kit selection guideTotal Protein Assaysprotein assays, bradford, bca, coomassie
4814Immunoprecipitation kit selection guideImmunoprecipitation Kitsaffinity purification, immunoprecipitation, IP
3681Desalting products selection guideDesalting Columnssample prep, dialysis, desalting, buffer exchange
3481Overview of Human in vitro Translation SystemsProtein Expression Systemsprotein expression, in vitro expresssion, IVT
3347Secondary antibody selection guideSecondary Antibodies and ConjugatesWestern blot, ELISA, IHC, detection, probes
2994Luciferase Reporter Selection GuideLuciferase Reporter Assaysprotein expression, bioluminescence, protein assays
2817Mass spec sample prep workflow selection guideProtein Mass Spectrometry and HPLCmass spectrometry, MS, peptide
2694Gel stains comparison and selection guideStains for Protein Gels (PAGE)electrophoresis, staining, SDS-PAGE
2437Western blot workflow selection guideWestern Blot Reagents, Kits and EquipmentWestern blot, transfer, substrates, ECL, detection
2384ELISA kit literature referencesELISA KitsELISA, protein assays, cytokine
1818Custom peptide modifications selection guideCustom Peptidespeptide synthesis
1706Overview of active GTPase pull-down and detection kitsActive GTPase Pull-Down and Detection Kitsprotein assays, labeling, affinity purification, GTPase
1080Luciferase detection instrumentationLuciferase Reporter Assaysprotein expression, bioluminescence, protein assays
1078Automated magnetic separations for proteomicsPierce Magnetic Beadsaffinity purification, immunoprecipitation, IP
904Fast Western blotting selection guidePierce Fast Western Blot KitsWestern blot
897Guide to Slide-A-Lyzer G2 Dialysis CassettesSlide-A-Lyzer G2 Dialysis Cassettessample prep, dialysis, desalting, buffer exchange
858Overview and menu of in-cell ELISA kitsIn-Cell ELISA Kits for Specific Targetsprotein assays, ELISA
856Staudinger reagent selection guideAdvanced Crosslinking Techniquescrosslink, conjugation, azide, phosphine
665Overview of active site probes and enrichment kitsEnzyme Active Site Probes and Enrichment Kitsprotein assays, labeling, affinity purification, kinase, hydrolase, GTPase
600Gene-specific Antibody Selection GuideAntibodiesprimary antibodies