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We understand. Sometimes it is difficult to locate certain Thermo Scientific Products within our immense product portfolio. In particular, you might reasonably assume that all reagents, accessories and instruments for protein-related cell biology applications can be found here on However, some related groups of Thermo Scientific Products must be found elsewhere, especially at

This page provides an index of links to “non-Pierce” Thermo Scientific Products that protein biologists frequently attempt to find on this site ( This includes a list of reagent kits that were formerly sold as Cellomics HCS products and are now reorganized as stand-alone reagents.

Part No.
Thermo Scientific Product Name
6006iuvo Chemotaxis Assay Platebellbrook, iuvo, chemoattractant, neutrophil migration
6002iuvo Microchannel 5250 Platebellbrook, iuvo, 5250, cell migration, 3D cell culture
8404601, 8404602Cellomics Cell Cycle I HCS KitBrdU, phospho-Histone H3, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8401201, 8401202Cellomics Cell Proliferation HCS KitBrdU, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8401101, 8401102Cellomics Cell Proliferation HCS KitBrdU, Ki67, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8401301, 8401302Cellomics Cell Proliferation HCS KitKi67, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8404401, 8404402Cellomics Cyclin B1 HCS KitCyclin B1 , cell cycle, cell proliferation
K0500011, R0105101Cellomics Mitotic Index HCS KitMitotic Index, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8404801, 8404802Cellomics Phospho-PLK1 HCS Kitphospho-PLK1 , cell cycle, cell proliferation
8408302, 8408303Cellomics Phospho-mTOR HCS Kitphospho-mTOR, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8404501, 8404502Cellomics Phospho-Rb HCS Kitphospho-Rb, cell cycle, cell proliferation
8402501, 8402502Cellomics Cytoskeletal Rearrangement HCS KitF-actin, whole cell stain, DY554-phalloidin, cell morphology, phenotypic change
8402401, 8402402Cellomics Cytoskeletal Rearrangement HCS KitF-actin, Tubulin, whole cell stain, DY554-phalloidin, cell morphology, phenotypic change
8402601, 8402602Cellomics Cytoskeletal Rearrangement HCS KitTubulin, whole cell stain, cell morphology, phenotypic change
K0700011, R0105131Cellomics Neurite Outgrowth HCS KitTubulin, cell morphology, phenotypic change
8408402, 8408403Cellomics Synaptogenesis HCS KitSynaptophysin, PSD95, MAP2, cell morphology, phenotypic change
K0100101, R0105141Cellomics ATF-2 HCS KitATF-2, cell signaling, transcription factors
8403601, 8403602Cellomics Beta-Catenin HCS KitBeta-Catenin, cell signaling, transcription factors
K0100071, R0105091Cellomics ERK MAPK HCS KitERK, cell signaling, transcription factors
8407201, 8407202Cellomics FOXO1A HCS KitFOXO1A, cell signaling, transcription factors
8401701, 8401702Cellomics FOXO3A HCS KitFOXO3a, cell signaling, transcription factors
8401401, 8401402Cellomics FOXO3A, HIF1alpha and Phospho-CREB HCS KitFOXO3a, HIF-1 alpha, phospho-CREB, cell signaling, transcription factors
8401601, 8401602Cellomics HIF1alpha HCS KitHIF-1 alpha, cell signaling, transcription factors
8404101, 8404102Cellomics Phospho-AKT HCS Kitphospho-AKT , cell signaling, transcription factors
8401501, 8401502Cellomics Phospho-CREB HCS Kitphospho-CREB, cell signaling, transcription factors
8407101, 8407102Cellomics Phospho-GSK-3 HCS Kitphospho-GSK-3, cell signaling, transcription factors
8404001, 8404002Cellomics Phospho-JNK HCS Kitphospho-JNK, cell signaling, transcription factors
8404301, 8404302Cellomics PKA HCS KitPKA, cell signaling, transcription factors
8404701, 8404702Cellomics PKA and Phospho-CREB HCS KitPKA, phospho-CREB, cell signaling, transcription factors
K0900011, R0300011Cellomics PKCalpha HCS KitPKCalpha, cell signaling, transcription factors
8402101, 8402102Cellomics Smad3 HCS KitSmad3, cell signaling, transcription factors
8402001, 8402002Cellomics Smad3 and Phospho-CREB HCS KitSmad3, phospho-CREB, cell signaling, transcription factors
8404201, 8404202Cellomics Smad4 HCS KitSmad4, cell signaling, transcription factors
8407601, 8407602Cellomics Autophagy HCS KitLC3B, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8407801, 8407802Cellomics Autophagy HCS KitLC3B, Ubiquitin, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8402201, 8402202Cellomics Caspase 3 HCS KitActive Caspase 3, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8402301, 8402302Cellomics Caspase 9 HCS KitCleaved Caspase 9, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8408001, 8408002Cellomics Cell Death HCS KitLC3B, Cytochrome C, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8402701, 8402702Cellomics Cleaved PARP HCS KitCleaved PARP, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8405601, 8405602Cellomics Cytochrome C HCS KitCytochrome C, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8408102Cellomics Cytotoxicity 3 HCS KitCytochrome C, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8408201, 8408202, 8408203Cellomics Mitosis and Apoptosis HCS Kitp53, Active Caspase 3, BrdU, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8407701, 8407702Cellomics Poly-Ubiquitin HCS KitUbiquitin, cytotoxicity, apoptosis
8403101, 8403102Cellomics Ku70/80 HCS KitKu70/80, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8401801, 8401802Cellomics MDM2 and p53 HCS KitMDM2, p53, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8401901, 8401902Cellomics MDM2 HCS KitMDM2, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8400901, 8400902Cellomics p21 HCS Kitp21, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8400801, 8400802Cellomics p53 HCS Kitp53, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8400601, 8400602Cellomics p53 and p21 HCS Kitp53, p21, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8403001, 8403002Cellomics Phospho-ATM HCS Kitphospho-ATM, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8405701, 8405702Cellomics Phospho-ATM and p53 HCS Kitphospho-ATM, p53, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8402801, 8402802Cellomics Phospho-Chk2 HCS Kitphospho-Chk2, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8402901, 8402902Cellomics Phospho-H2AX HCS Kitphospho-H2AX, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8400701, 8400702Cellomics Phospho-p53 HCS Kitphospho-p53, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8400501, 8400502Cellomics Phospho-p53 and p53 HCS Kitphospho-p53, p53, genotoxicity, DNA damage and repair
8403901, 8403902Cellomics CHOP/GADD153 HCS KitCHOP/GADD153, inflammation, cell stress
8403701, 8403702Cellomics COX-2 HCS KitCOX-2, inflammation, cell stress
8405801, 8405802Cellomics Heme Oxygenase 1 HCS KitHeme Oxygenase 1, inflammation, cell stress
8405901, 8405902Cellomics Heme Oxygenase 1 and Phospho-p38 HCS KitHeme Oxygenase 1, phospho-p38, inflammation, cell stress
8406001, 8406002Cellomics Hsp27 and Phospho-Hsp27 HCS KitHsp27, phospho-Hsp27, inflammation, cell stress
8406101, 8406102Cellomics Hsp27 HCS KitHsp27, inflammation, cell stress
8406701, 8406702Cellomics Hsp60 and Hsp90beta HCS KitHsp60, Hsp90beta, inflammation, cell stress
8406801, 8406802Cellomics Hsp60 HCS KitHsp60, inflammation, cell stress
8406301, 8406302Cellomics Hsp70 and Hsp90alpha HCS KitHsp70, Hsp90alpha, inflammation, cell stress
8406401, 8406402Cellomics Hsp70 HCS KitHsp70, inflammation, cell stress
8406501, 8406502Cellomics Hsp90alpha HCS KitHsp90alpha, inflammation, cell stress
8406601, 8406602Cellomics Immunophilin FKBP52 HCS KitFKBP52, inflammation, cell stress
8403801, 8403802Cellomics iNOS HCS KitiNOS, inflammation, cell stress
8407301, 8407302Cellomics MnSOD and Phospho-H2AX HCS KitMnSOD, phospho-H2AX, inflammation, cell stress
8407001, 8407002Cellomics MnSOD HCS KitMnSOD, inflammation, cell stress
K0100111, R0105151Cellomics NFAT-1 HCS KitNFAT-1, inflammation, cell stress
K0100011, R0105021Cellomics NFkappaB HCS KitNF-kB, inflammation, cell stress
8400401, 8400402Cellomics NFkappaB (Orange NFkappaB probe) HCS KitNFkappaB, inflammation, cell stress
8400301, 8400302Cellomics NFkappaB and c-Jun HCS KitNFkappaB, c-Jun, inflammation, cell stress
K0100041, R0105071Cellomics p38 MAPK HCS Kitp38 MAPK, inflammation, cell stress
8405301, 8405302Cellomics Phospho-4E-BP1 HCS Kitphospho-4E-BP1, inflammation, cell stress
K0100031, R0105081Cellomics Phospho-c-Jun HCS Kitc-Jun, inflammation, cell stress
8407901, 8407902Cellomics Phospho-c-Jun and Phospho-JNK HCS Kitphospho-c-Jun, phospho-JNK, inflammation, cell stress
8406201, 8406202Cellomics Phospho-Hsp27 HCS Kitphospho-Hsp27, inflammation, cell stress
8405201, 8405202Cellomics Phospho-S6 HCS Kitphospho-S6 , inflammation, cell stress
K0100021, R0105031Cellomics STAT1 HCS KitSTAT1, inflammation, cell stress
K0100051, R0105041Cellomics STAT2 HCS KitSTAT2, inflammation, cell stress
K0100081, R0105051Cellomics STAT3 HCS KitSTAT3, inflammation, cell stress
8419000Cellomics Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Dyedye, stain
8419100Cellomics Permeability Dyedye, stain
62256Cellomics CyGEL Geldye, stain
8409200, 8409201Cellomics Fluo-8 Dyedye, stain
8409300, 8409301Cellomics Rhod-4 Dyedye, stain
8409400Cellomics Pluronic F-127 Dyedye, stain
8409500Cellomics Probenecid Dyedye, stain
8409600, 8409601Cellomics MitoSensor Orange Dyedye, stain
8409700, 8409701Cellomics JC-10 Dyedye, stain
8409800, 8409801Cellomics MitoDetect Orange Dyedye, stain
8409900, 8409901Cellomics MitoSensor Green Dyedye, stain
8410000, 8410001Cellomics Live Cell Green Reagentdye, stain
8410100, 8410101Cellomics Live Cell Blue Reagentdye, stain
8410200Cellomics Live Cell Violet Reagentdye, stain
8410201Cellomics Live Cell Violet Reagentdye, stain
8410400Cellomics Thiol Green Dyedye, stain
8410500Cellomics Acridine Orange Dyedye, stain
8411301, 8410701Cellomics Red Fat Staining HCS Kitdye, stain
8411401Cellomics Orange Fat Staining HCS Kitdye, stain
8410801Cellomics Orange Fat Dyedye, stain
8411501Cellomics MBCL HCS Kitdye, stain
8410901Cellomics MBCL Dyedye, stain
8411601Cellomics MBBR HCS Kitdye, stain
8411001Cellomics MBBR Dyedye, stain
8400002Cellomics Multiparameter Cytotoxicity HCS KitLysosome Probe, Mitochondrial Probe, dye, stain
8400202Cellomics Multiparameter Cytotoxicity HCS KitMitochondrial Probe, dye, stain
K0200011Cellomics Cell Viability HCS Kitdye, stain
K0400011Cellomics Multiparameter Apoptosis Evaluation HCS Kitdye, stain
K0800011Cellomics Cell Motility HCS Kitdye, stain
8421000Cellomics Buffer Kit B1Wash Buffer, Permeabilization Buffer, Blocking Buffer, Hoechst Dye,
8422000Cellomics Buffer Kit B2Wash Buffer, Wash Buffer II, Permeabilization Buffer, Blocking Buffer, Hoechst Dye,
8423000Cellomics Buffer Kit B3Wash Buffer, Permeabilization Buffer, Blocking Buffer, Hoechst DAPI Dye,
8408200Cellomics Wash Buffer10X Dulbecco's PBS,
8408300Cellomics Wash Buffer II (W2)10X Dulbecco's PBS with 1% Tween*-20,
8408400Cellomics Permeabilization Buffer10X Dulbecco's PBS with 1% Triton* X-100,
8408500Cellomics Blocking Buffer
8406900Cellomics Neurite Outgrowth Buffer
8419200Cellomics BrdU
8419300Cellomics MgCl2 Solution