Try our gel and blot image analysis software

Blotting Equipment, Film and Accessory Reagents

Finally, you can give away that ruler and permanent marker you’ve kept for measuring and calculating band molecular weights!

Documentation systems for nucleic acid and protein gels and blots may have graduated from film to digital camera imaging, but lagging behind is development of easy-to-use software to analyze captured images: to autodetect bands, calculate molecular

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Protein sample preparation kit for mass spectrometry

Protein Sample Prep Tools for Mass Spectrometry

The new Pierce Mass Spec Sample Prep Kit for Cultured Cells provides the components needed to generate consistent and reproducible protein digests that are directly compatible with LC-MS workflows. The digests do not require further processing, such as C18 clean up or detergent removal.

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New LC-MS solvent solutions

Solvents for HPLC Analysis

Use only the high quality solvents to carry proteomic samples through liquid chromatography systems for mass spectrometry analysis. We recently expanded our line of Thermo Scientific LC-MS Solvents to include convenient 1% solutions and new bottle sizes to suit any scale of analysis. Choose the variety and bottle size of formic acid, trifluoroacetic acid, dimethylsulfoxide

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New clear milk blocking buffer

Blocking Buffers for Protein Methods

Looking for a more stable, uniform milk-based blocking solution? Try the new Thermo Scientific Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer. This 10X concentrated solution is a long shelf-life, high performance replacement for homemade milk blocking buffers in Western blotting applications.

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The new magnetism of ChIP

Chromatin IP Assay Reagents and Kitsx

If you run ChIP assays (chromatin immunoprecipitation), consider trying the new Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit. It provides a convenient method for efficient isolation of chromatin-bound DNA for subsequent quantitation by PCR.

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Ultra-colorimetric Western blot detection

Western Blotting Substrates

The new 1-Step Ultra TMB-Blotting Solution is an enhanced single-component horseradish peroxidase (HRP) substrate for Western blotting and immunohistochemistry.

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Expanding options for fluorescent labeling

DyLight Fluor Labeling Reagents and Kits

New pegylated DyLight 680 reagents provide expanded versatility for fluorescence imaging applications. The DyLight 680-4xPEG dye contains 4 polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains that are non-cytotoxic, enhance fluorescence and reduce nonspecific binding of conjugates made with them.

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Investigate RNA-Protein interactions

Chromatin IP Assay Reagents and Kitsx

Use the new Pierce Magnetic RNA-Protein Pull-Down Kit to end-label RNA with desthiobiotin and then enrich for target RNA-binding proteins. The complete kit contains sufficient reagents for 20 RNA labeling reactions and 20 protein-RNA pull-down assays.

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Test HA-tagged protein interactions

Co-Immunoprecipitation and Pull-Down Kits

We now offer stand-alone anti-HA magnetic beads and a complete HA-tag magnetic co-IP kit for protein interaction experiments (co-immunoprecipitation) involving HA-tagged fusion proteins.

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A better way to detect S-nitrosylation

Post-Translational Modification Enrichment Kits

Try our new Pierce S-Nitrosylation Western Blot Kit to detect protein S-nitrosocysteine post-translational modifications. This kit improves upon the original biotin-switch method developed by Jeffrey, et al., which used biotin-HPDP to label S-nitrosylated proteins for subsequent Western blot detection via streptavidin-HRP conjugate.

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