Protein glycosylation methods article


We are proud to present a new article on protein glycosylation and methods to detect and analyze glycoproteins and glycopeptides, respectively. This article is the most recent addition to the series on post-translational modifications in the Protein Methods Library.

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Article on bioluminescence and luciferase reporters


Details on using bioluminescence and luciferase reporters in life science research can now be found in a new article in the Protein Methods Library. Luciferase enzymes are increasing used for in vivo imaging, viability assays and reporter gene assays because of their sensitivity and diversity in substrate requirements and signal duration.

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Protein crosslinking articles updated


A popular section of our Protein Methods Library just got even better! The Chemistry of Crosslinking article has been completely revised with new illustrations and concise descriptions of important crosslinker reactive groups.

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Sample prep methods for mass spectrometry

Protein Mass Spectrometry and HPLC

We have added a page on Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry to the Protein Methods Library, which details the various aspects of sample preparation for both MALDI- and ESI-based MS analysis.

Strategies for Quantitative Proteomics

Protein Mass Spectrometry and HPLC

The Protein Methods Library now includes a comprehensive overview of Quantitative Proteomics for both discovery and targeted proteomic analyses to understand global proteomic dynamics in a cell, tissue or organism.

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Protein Methods for Immunohistochemistry

Immunohistochemistry Reagents

The Protein Methods Library has been updated to include a complete overview of immunohistochemistry methods, including blocking and troubleshooting strategies.

Protein Methods for Protein Labeling

Protein and Antibody Labeling

The Protein Methods Library has been updated to include a complete set of articles on protein and nucleic acid labeling strategies.

Protein Methods for Protein-Protein Interactions

Protein Interactions

The Protein Methods Library has been updated to include a complete set of articles on considerations and methods for performing protein-protein interaction analysis

Pierce Protocols App


The Thermo Scientific Pierce Protocols App for the iPhone* Device is an interactive, programmable tool for organizing and using Pierce Product Instructions and custom made research protocols, featuring built-in timers and note recording.