Protein Methods for Immunohistochemistry

Immunohistochemistry Reagents

The Protein Methods Library has been updated to include a complete overview of immunohistochemistry methods, including blocking and troubleshooting strategies.

DyLight 755 Reactive-Dyes

Fluorescent Labeling of Antibodies and Proteins

Thermo Scientific DyLight 755 replaces DyLight 750 as a near-IR fluor that is invisible to the naked eye but increases the staining options when using infrared imaging systems.

DyLight 550 and 650 Antibody Labeling Kits

Fluorescent Labeling Reagents for Proteins

Thermo Scientific DyLight 550 and 650 Fluors replace DyLight 540 and 649 Fluors. These new labeling reagents are available as part of our DyLight Fluor Antibody or Protein Labeling Kits, amine- or sulfhydryl-reactive dyes and secondary conjugates.

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Better Sensitivity with Pierce Immunostain Enhancer

Immunohistochemistry Reagents

Thermo Scientific Pierce Immunostain Enhancer enables significant antibody dilution (5- to 20-fold beyond vendor recommendations) and routinely increases signal intensity from 3- to 12-fold without adding additional time to immunostaining applications.