Carbonyl-reactive, aminoxy-TMT Reagents

Tandem mass spectrometry for glycan and oxidation research

By Douglas Hayworth

Our new carbonyl-reactive aminoxyTMT™ (Tandem Mass Tag™) Label Reagents enable multiplexed characterization and quantitation of carbonyl-containing biomolecules (carbohydrates, steroids, oxidized proteins) by mass spectrometry (MS).

For glycobiology MS applications, the reagents enable quantitative profiling of glycan isoforms and discovery of glycan biomarkers; they provide improved ionization of labeled glycans for increased sensitivity and better retention of labeled glycans by reversed-phase liquid chromatography (LC).The aminoxyTMT reagents may be used to quantify a broad range of biologically important molecules including carbohydrates, steroids, or oxidized proteins.


  • Quantitative – relative quantitation of glycans or other carbonyl-containing biomolecules
  • Efficient – achieve labeling efficiency greater than 90% in one hour
  • Sensitive – 20-fold more signal compared to unlabeled native glycan MS analysis
  • Multiplex – able to identify and characterize up to six samples concurrently

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Carbonyl-reactive, 6-plex aminoxyTMT Reagents

Carbonyl-reactive, 6-plex aminoxyTMT Reagents