Pierce Premium Grade Reagents

When product integrity and risk minimization are paramount

By Douglas Hayworth

Did you notice that we recently introduced a line of Pierce Premium Grade Reagents? These are high-quality formulations of selected chemical modification reagents, specially characterized for applications where product integrity and risk minimization are important.

Our current menu of reagents offered in this premium format includes several popular crosslinkers, two biotinylation reagents, and a reducing agent. The reagents are ideal for research projects that require long-term, consistent performance and an extra level of troubleshooting support afforded by robust chemical characterization and documentation.


  • High quality – identity and purity confirmed by several tests, including quantitative NMR
  • Product integrity – enhanced level of testing and characterization
  • Lot retention – ample supply of past lots retained to ensure future process testing
  • Change management – Change Control Notification (CCN) service
  • Consistent manufacture – batch-specific manufacturing documentation review

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Pierce Premium Grade Reagents

Pierce Premium Grade Reagents