New article on high-throughput IVT

High-yield, high-throughput in vitro protein expression in a 96-well format

By Douglas Hayworth

A new product article demonstrates how to use 96-well microdialysis plates to perform high-yield in vitro translation (IVT), also called cell-free protein expression, with Thermo Scientific Human High-Yield Mini IVT Kits.

Recently, we improved both our Mini and Maxi High-Yield IVT Kits to use different dialysis devices for the IVT reaction. The Mini Kits use microdialysis devices to perform individual 100µL reactions, where each device is incubated in a separate 2mL microcentrifuge tube. Thermo Scientific Pierce 96-well Microdialysis Plates contain 8-segment strips of these same microdialysis devices. In this short article, Kilmer et al. show results for protein expression in these plates.

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System for high-throughput, high-yield in vitro translation

System for high-throughput, high-yield in vitro translation