1-Step Human High-Yield IVT Kits

Improved human high-yield in vitro translation kits

By Douglas Hayworth

We recently made improvements to our 1-Step Human High-Yield In Vitro Translation Kits, which enable the expression of functional proteins with 10 to 100 times greater yield per milliliter than other mammalian IVT systems.

Protein expression is performed in dialysis chambers that allow a continuous supply of nucleotides, amino acids and energy generating substrates into the reaction while removing inhibitors of proteins synthesis. The updated kits use new types of dialysis devices that further improve reaction efficiency and ease of handling. The continuous-exchange cell-free (CECF) system enables protein expression in an overnight incubation of up to 750µg/mL. The complete mini- and maxi-scale kits include all the components required for transcription and translation of a recombinant gene, including an optimized expression vector.


  • High expression – up to 750µg/mL of expressed protein
  • Reproducibility – low variability between experiments
  • Fast – express high levels of protein with 6 hours to overnight incubation
  • Functional – obtain functionally active proteins, including those containing disulfide bonds
  • Mini and maxi scales– 100µL reactions in 96-well format or 2mL reactions in 50mL tubes

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1-Step Human High-Yield In Vitro Translation Kits

1-Step Human High-Yield In Vitro Translation Kits