HeLa Protein Digest Standard for Mass Spectrometry

HeLa cell protein digest standard for mass spectrometry

By Douglas Hayworth

Our new Pierce HeLa Protein Digest Standard is a highly validated tryptic digest of HeLa cell lysate for quality control and system testing in mass spectrometry (MS) analysis of complex proteomic samples.

The protein digest standard is derived from a well-established adenocarcinoma reference HeLa S3 cell line, which expresses over 15,000 proteins with relevant post-translational modifications. The cell lysate has been digested with both LysC and trypsin to minimize tryptic missed cleavages and improve protein sequence coverage. The product meets stringent quality testing specifications, including peptide quality, digestion efficiency, and lot-to-lot digest uniformity.


  • Positive control sample – protein digest (>15,000 proteins) from the HeLa S3 cell line
  • Thorough tryptic digestion – prepared using both LysC and trypsin
  • Validated peptide quality – low methionine oxidation and lysine carbamylation
  • Rigorously tested – fully documented via lot-specific certificates of analysis
  • Stable – provided in a stable lyophilized format

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Pierce HeLa Protein Digest Standard

Pierce HeLa Protein Digest Standard