Desthiobiotin product selection guide

New guide to desthiobiotin reagents and applications

By Douglas Hayworth

Our new desthiobiotin product selection guide provides a brief overview of the chemical structure and properties of desthiobiotin versus biotin, a description of the gentle elution affinity purification applications that are possible with this biotin analog, and links to available labeling reagents and kits based on desthiobiotin. 

If you’ve been frustrated with streptavidin-biotin methods that make it difficult to dissociate (elute) and recover biotinylated molecules from streptavidin affinity beads without harsh conditions, then now is the time to consider desthiobiotin reagents as alternatives. The new product selection guide is the place to start.

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Desthiobiotin Product Selection Guide

Desthiobiotin Product Selection Guide