New article on glycoprotein expression

No Joke! Express glycoproteins in a human IVT system

By Douglas Hayworth

In a new product applications article, Krishna Vattem provides a protocol and demonstrates how the 1-Step Human Coupled in vitro Translation System can be used to express glycoproteins complete with N-linked glycosylation.

The Thermo Scientific 1-Step Human Coupled IVT Kit contains HeLa cell lysate and other components to supply the cellular machinery required to support protein translation from DNA templates. Vattem examined expression of three different glycoproteins and also used endoglycosidase H, an enzyme that cleaves asparagine-linked mannose rich oligosaccharides, to determine the type of glycosylation that is occurring in the human IVT system.

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Glycoprotein expression in a human IVT system

Glycoprotein expression in a human IVT system