Western blot video tutorials

Western Blot Video Tutorials now available

By Jared Snider

Do you need to run a Western blot but can’t quite understand how to do it? Now you can watch videos that demonstrate how to do each step in the Western blot process and learn why each step is performed.

The Protein Methods Library now includes Western blot video tutorials that are all found on one page to give you a broad view of the procedure. The steps covered include:

  • Separating proteins by SDS-PAGE
  • Transferring proteins to the membrane
  • Blocking the membrane to reduce background
  • Probing the blot for your target protein
  • Detecting your target proteins using chemiluminescent Western blot substrates
  • Stripping the blot to reprobe it for another target protein
Check them out at the link below!

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Western blot video tutorials

Western blot video tutorials

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