New Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit

The new magnetism of ChIP

By Douglas Hayworth

If you run ChIP assays (chromatin immunoprecipitation), consider trying the new Thermo Scientific Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit. It provides a convenient method for efficient isolation of chromatin-bound DNA for subsequent quantitation by PCR.

The Pierce Protein A/G Magnetic Beads provide high binding capacity, low non-specific background, and work with many antibody species. Also included are reagents for cell lysis, capture of protein-DNA complexes, reversal of crosslinking, and DNA isolation.


  • Rapid – obtain purified DNA for quantitative PCR in about 8 hours
  • Efficient and reproducible – optimized lysis and digestion steps
  • Sensitive – obtain results with as few as 10,000 cells
  • Low background – specially blocked magnetic beads
  • Complete – optimized positive control reagents are included

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Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit

Pierce Magnetic ChIP Kit

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