Pierce Magnetic RNA-Protein Pull-Down Kit

Investigate RNA-Protein interactions

By Douglas Hayworth

A magnetic-bead kit to label RNA and enrich RBPs.

Use the new Pierce Magnetic RNA-Protein Pull-Down Kit to end-label RNA with desthiobiotin and then enrich for target RNA-binding proteins. The complete kit contains sufficient reagents for 20 RNA labeling reactions and 20 protein-RNA pull-down assays.

Direct enrichment protein-RNA interactions via labeled RNA provides an alternative to antibody capture of protein-RNA complexes or moieties incorporated into the nucleic acid. An added advantage to the kit is that it includes validated controls for both the labeling and pull-down assay. The kit is amenable to several downstream applications, including Western blotting and Mass Spectrometry (MS).


  • Direct – capture ribonucleoprotein complexes with end-labeled RNA
  • Easy to use – no spin cups or centrifugation necessary for the enrichment
  • Flexible – use in vitro transcribed RNA or synthetic RNA for labeling
  • Specific – low bead background; unrelated RNA does not interfere
  • Economical – less expensive than synthesized end-labeled RNA, magnetic beads, etc.
  • Complete – contains both labeling and enrichment modules

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Magnetic RNA-Protein Pull-Down Kit

Magnetic RNA-Protein Pull-Down Kit

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