New article about membrane protein extraction

Improved membrane protein extraction reagents

By Douglas Hayworth

Our most recent product article presents example experimental results using the new, second-generation Thermo Scientific™ Mem-PER™ Plus Kit for fast and simple enrichment of integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins from mammalian cells and tissues.

Integral and peripheral membrane proteins (MPs) are important for the maintenance of many cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell integrity, intracellular and extracellular transport of molecular solutes and cell-to-cell communication. Methods to characterize MPs are limited by the lack of extraction protocols and reagents that allow sufficient amounts of MPs to be obtained from various cell types without cross-contamination from other protein fractions. The new article compares yields obtained with several popular commercial kits and examines results with different samples and proteins of interest.

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Efficient mammalian membrane protein extraction

Efficient mammalian membrane protein extraction