myImageAnalysis Software for electrophoresis gels and blots

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By Douglas Hayworth

Finally, you can give away that ruler and permanent marker you’ve kept for measuring and calculating band molecular weights!

Documentation systems for nucleic acid and protein gels and blots may have graduated from film to digital camera imaging, but lagging behind is development of easy-to-use software to analyze captured images: to autodetect bands, calculate molecular sizes, and quantitate relative abundances based on densitometry.

Welcome the new Thermo Scientific myImageAnalysis Software, a full-featured, multifunction computer program to analyze and edit digital images of electrophoresis gels and blots that were acquired using gel documentation imagers or scanners. It will expedite your day-to-day gel analysis work, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can download the full-featured program to try for 30 days.


  • Intuitive design – sleek task-bars organize functions into four main tabs
  • Compatible file types – load and save images in popular file formats
  • Image comparison – open two to six image files at once to review and edit
  • Auto-identification – accurate, customizable, automatic lane and band identification
  • MW determination – simple calculation of migration distances and molecular weights
  • Advanced quantitation – auto-calculate purities and quantities of bands or lanes
  • Image refinement and annotation – crop, straighten, invert, adjust, add notes
  • Exporting and sharing – easily transfer data and images to Microsoft* Office* Programs

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myImageAnalysis Software

myImageAnalysis Software