New Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer

New clear milk blocking buffer

By Douglas Hayworth

Looking for a more stable, uniform milk-based blocking solution? Try the new Thermo Scientific Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer. This 10X concentrated solution is a long shelf-life, high performance replacement for homemade milk blocking buffers in Western blotting applications.

The carefully prepared, stable buffer provides lower background, enhanced sensitivity, extended shelf life and reproducible results compared to homemade buffers based on dissolved non-fat dry milk. Yet it uses the same protein constituents as dry milk.


  • Excellent stability – stable for 1 year stored at 4°C, unlike typical milk buffers
  • Convenient – concentrated formulation saves storage space and can be diluted easily
  • Easy to use – no waiting for powdered milk to dissolve with this solution
  • Popular – nonfat milk solutions are tried and true, reliable blocking agents

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Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer

Pierce Clear Milk Blocking Buffer

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