Updated ELISA kit web pages

Updated ELISA kits section!

By Douglas Hayworth

Did you know that we offer specific ELISA kits for over 40 different targets from human, mouse, rat and/or other species? Did you know many of these kits are available in three different package formats? If you’ve visited our website in the past, you might have had difficulty either finding the kit you needed or determining the kit type most suitable for your purpose.

Choosing an ELISA kit will no longer be a problem now that we’ve reorganized and updated the structure and layout of our Thermo Scientific ELISA Kit web pages.

Features of this updated ELISA kit web content:

  • Kits are organized by target name (e.g., IL-6), then by species (human, mouse, etc.).
  • Specifications for each kit (specificity, assay range, precision, etc.) are clearly described.
  • Attractive figures of example standard curves are displayed on each page.
  • Kit formats have been renamed to more clearly differentiate them (see below).
  • All kit formats for each target and species are described on the same product page.
  • Links are provided to kit-specific matched-pair antibodies on Pierce-Antibodies.com.

We hope you like the new content and that our ELISA kits assist you in your research.

Components of the three types of Thermo Scientific ELISA Kits. Antibody Pair Kits were formerly named “MiniKits”; Reagent Kits were formerly named “Screening Sets”.
Kit Contents Antibody Pair Kits Reagent Kits Precoated Plate Kits
Coating Antibody X X Coated
Detection Antibody † X X X
Calibrated Standard X X X
HRP Conjugate X X
TMB Substrate Solution X X
Stop Solution X X
Standard-Sample Diluent X
Wash Buffer X
HRP Dilution Buffer X
Adhesive Plate Covers X
Precoated 96-well Strip Plate X
Package size options sufficient for: 40 plates 5 plates 1, 2 or 5 plates
† Usually biotinylated, in which case the HRP Conjugate is streptavidin-HRP.

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