Thermo Scientific EZ-Link Biotinylation Reagents

SMILES for biotinylation

By Douglas Hayworth

Here’s something to smile about: We recently updated all of our biotinylation reagent product pages to include new figures and more complete information about the chemical structure of each biotin compound.

We now indicate each biotin labeling reagent using the simplified molecular-input line-entry system (SMILES), a popular text-based method for specifying chemical structures. Paste this text string into your chemical drawing software to instantly generate the structure for further analysis or illustration purposes. In addition, the updated product pages now include contextual links to detailed descriptions of the relevant reaction chemistries.


  • 35+ different biotinylation reagents to choose from
  • Biotinylate antibodies, proteins, peptides and other molecules
  • Label inside cells or only cell surface proteins based on reagent membrane permeability
  • Attach biotin via amines (lysine), sulfhydryls (cysteine), sugars or other functional groups
  • Select reagents with cleavable (reversible), pegylated, short or long spacer arms

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EZ-Link Biotin Labeling Reagents and Kits

EZ-Link Biotin Labeling Reagents and Kits

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