HiPPR Detergent Removal Columns

Better sample detergent removal

By Douglas Hayworth

Remove detergents more completely and rapidly from cell lysates and other processed biological samples using our HiPPR Detergent Removal Spin Columns. The ready-to-use microcentrifuge columns (or resin kit or 96-well filter plates) are designed for use with low-concentration peptide or protein samples. HiPPR Resin binds and eliminates detergents while providing excellent peptide and protein recoveries for downstream analysis by mass spectrometry.


  • Optimized – removes greater than 95% of detergent from samples containing low concentrations of protein or peptide (1 to 100μg/mL)
  • Fast – sample processing takes less than 15 minutes
  • Effective – eliminates detergent-interference in downstream applications like ELISA, isoelectric focusing and mass spectrometry

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HiPPR Detergent Removal Resin, Columns and Plates

HiPPR Detergent Removal Resin, Columns and Plates

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