Product Article about endotoxin removal

Removing endotoxins from protein samples

By Douglas Hayworth

Endotoxin removal during the development of biological therapeutics is critical for preventing inflammation, tissue death and endotoxin shock. In this Product Article about removing endotoxins, our scientists discuss how they evaluated a spin-column method that is ideal for protein samples. The Thermo Scientific Pierce Endotoxin Removal Resin is an affinity resin that consists of spherical, rigid beads with immobilized poly(ε-lysine). To evaluate the resin, our scientists tested sample incubation time, resin-to-sample ratio, maximum endotoxin load, and the ability to regenerate the resin. They also compared the resin to other commercially available endotoxin removal methods.

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Removing endotoxins using a spin-column format

Removing endotoxins using a spin-column format