New article on phosphoprotein profiling by mass spectrometry

Phosphoprotein profiling by mass spectrometry

By Douglas Hayworth

This product article, republished from the 2009 volume of Previews magazine, describes the work of researchers who collaborated with our scientists to profile changes in phosphoprotein expression in cancer stem cells using several Thermo Scientific Instruments and Protein Biology Products. More than 200 proteins were quantified in response to perturbations of an autocrine loop involving stimulation or inhibition by IL-6, STAT3 and HIF1α under hypoxic or normoxic conditions. The workflow included phosphoprotein enrichment, Tandem Mass Tag* (TMT*) Labeling, magnetic enrichment of phosphopeptides and analysis by LC-MS/MS on a Thermo Scientific LTQ-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer.

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Quantitative cancer stem cell phosphoprotein profiling

Quantitative cancer stem cell phosphoprotein profiling