New Pierce Protein Research Products for 2012

New Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Research Products for 2012

By Kevin



Here is a complete list of our newest  products that were designed with feedback from our customers and are aimed at advancing proteomics research. Look for special promotions and additional application data throughout the year.

Protein Expression

Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction

Dialysis and Desalting

Protein Affinity Purification

Western Blotting & Protein Detection


  • PEPotec Immuno Peptide Libraries  — synthetic custom peptide libraries supporting high throughput screening assays for epitope mapping and identifying immunogenic sites in proteins
  • ITAC and IL-17A ELISA Kits  — the best price available for high-quality, optimized ELISA kits targeting IL-17A and ITAC
  • Small Pack Size anti-Mouse and anti-Rabbit Secondary Antibody Conjugates and Whole IgG Molecules  — cost-effective package size of secondary antibodies and whole IgG molecules